Contact Centers

First Service completely covers customer lifecycle management services. We partner with the client to positively impact their business goals by enabling them to focus on their core business, rather than spending time on secondary processes. First Service committed to its clients to do the same job in a more efficient way at a reduced cost and more operational effectiveness. First Service, driven by COPC compliance operations framework, constantly strives to achieve superior level of customer experience by investing in our people, technology and infrastructure

Customer Care & Back office

  • Voice-enabled customer care

  • Online transaction support Help desk services

  • Verification services

  • Customer retention programs

  • Application processing

  • Order management

  • Account activation

  • New policy processing

  • Membership and provider enrollment

    Billing and Collections

  • Inbound and outbound collection,

  • Fraud identification and tracing.

  • Collections services - first party and third party collections

    • Customer Acquisition

    • Outbound telesales

    • Inbound telesales

    • >Cross-sell and Up-sell programs

    • Direct marketing