Domestic Shipments Delivery

Servitec understand the importance of regular communication and satisfaction of its customers. Its large network of delivery covers every part of Algeria to fulfill its customers needs and help them reach their clients wherever they are. Using our own GIS database based maps that points addresses accurately, our team of messengers easily reaches the customers, and use their hand-held computers to store and update the delivery status. The Messenger electronically takes the customer’s signature and issue receipts and PODs on the spot. This ensures full automation of the receipts and PODs instantly. This ensures full automation of the delivery process and guarantees maximum processing efficiency
  • A large network of runners that covers every part of the country.

  • Selected fleet of messengers equipped with mobile phones, hand held computers and motor scooter to assure best performance and ...results.

  • A routing system based on extensive GIS database that pinpoints addresses.

  • Customer data confidentiality and security.

  • Scheduled delivery on request.

  • Quality control and call center ensure performance quality level.