Printing Enveloping & CD Burning

First service brings you a cost effective solution for your increasing volumes of printed documents by offering you a complete digital printing and enveloping solution through using the latest state-of-the-art technology in its digital printing and enveloping activities. It offers customized solution for every client to increase customer comprehension and response rates, to ensure maximum benefit to its clients. Our high-volume mail inserters are able to efficiently process and sort unlimited volumes of mails using a unique coding system, in attempt to save time and minimize human errors that ensures best out come to the client’s customers.

Why outsource your printing activities to first service?

• Best printing quality using our advanced High Volume Digital printing technology
• Expert management for customized printing solutions
• Integrated Business Solution that includes printing and enveloping, CD burning, delivery, cash collection, bad debt collection, Contact Center and others
• Advanced sorting using bar-coding system
• Handling data with extreme confidentiality
• Around the clock operation
• 50 million prints per year  

Printing & Enveloping

  • State of the art High Volume Digital Printing equipment.

  • Superior document management solutions.

  • Expert management of customized printing solutions.

  • High volume mail inserters

  • Advanced sorting systems through customer coding.

  • Advanced management of data confidentiality.

  • CD Burning

  • The Only provider of the Many to Many CD burning technology.

  • The largest facility in the region. Capability to burn One to Many is also provided.

  • The Many to Many technology allows us to burn different ranges to files on a mass number of CDs at the same time.

  • Stamping the client information on the CD